John Newman Garden Design


I value few things more than the relationships I've developed with other professionals throughout the years. Here is contact information for those with whom I work most often.

Miller Tree Service

Rick Miller and Jake Miller

(336) 345-8551

Equipped, insured, reasonably priced, skilled and professional, there's no tree job they can't handle with efficiency and expertise. It's like calling the cavalry.

Carolina Irrigation

Scott Forte

(336) 462-6200

Scott has been irrigating my gardens for many, many years. He does an excellent job and succeeds in actually irrigating the landscape rather than requiring the landscape to accommodate the irrigation. A radical concept, I know.


Mark Revels

(336) 306-3299

From installing an outlet for a pump to the full compliment of landscape lighting, Mark provides polite and reliable service.


Kurt Lynch

(206) 491-3309

There's nothing Kurt can't build, from a fine piece of furniture to a wooden boat. He's a great craftsman and brings skill and finesse to all that he does. Educated in history at Johns Hopkins, Kurt worked for a while demonstrating traditional carpentry at Old Salem.


John Zerbarini

Charlotte, NC

(704) 999-9590

I have several clients in Charlotte and John is my collaborator and contact person there where he has his own landscape firm. John also does elevation drawings of my designs. Our styles are remarkably similar and it is a great asset to have the benefit of his assistance installing and maintaining work in Charlotte. John's education in art and painting is evident in his sophisticated style and, indeed, in all his work.

Toshi Shiroma

(919) 622-5346